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Platinum Business Center

The Platinum Business Center is a sophisticated hosted-office environment at a prestigious and convenient location. They offer a wide variety of customizable physical and virtual offices with services tailored to fit your needs. Their state-of-the-art facilities provide all the necessary technology for modern office requirements.

Why is a hosted office model so cost effective? The answer is simple: shared infrastructure. Customers pay for what they need, when they need it. Nothing more. No idle space to pay for as part of a lease. No dedicated spaces like conference room, kitchen, reception, etc. used some of the time but paid for at full price. No investment in expensive office infrastructure (it’s already there!). Bottom line: lower «Total Cost of Occupancy Ownership».

Platinum Business Center is located in Coral Gables at the well known Ponce de Leon Boulevard, just a few minutes away from Miami International Airport and the Coral Gables commercial district.

Coral Gables is known as «the Corporate Capital of the Americas”. It is the preferred choice for professionals, banks and multinational companies that direct their business to Latin America and the Caribbean. The urban-commercial district of Coral Gables is friendly to pedestrians; most businesses are within two blocks of Ponce De Leon Boulevard which is served by charming hybrid trolleys, that cover, free of charge, the 2.2 mile route stretching from “Calle 8” to US1, to the Douglas Metrorail station, which connects to the county’s extensive transportation system.


Platinum Suites

Designed to provide an office environment suitable for most types of businesses:

  • Enterprises that need a temporary space with a local presence
  • Small and medium size start-up companies
  • Professional Associations (PA) looking for an affordable and prestigious location with first class facilities

Platinum Suites offer a private and elegant work area with a large selection of services that will help you get the most out of your resources

Private furnished offices

  • Dedicated telephone line with caller ID, voice mail and fax line.
  • Personalized answering service*
  • High-speed Internet and Wi-Fi*
  • Daily mail delivery
  • Unlimited use of conference and training Rooms
  • Greeting services for your guests
  • Unlimited access to kitchenette*
  • Call transferring service with caller ID to your local or national telephone*
  • Services such as printing, photocopying, faxing and basic office supplies*
  • Monthly statements
  • Availability of personalized services
  • Flexibility in contract length

Virtual Suites

An alternative to renting full time office space while providing local presence with live services. A great solution for «being there» without the hassles of overhead costs.


Virtual offices are ideal for individuals who have a business that require a city and corporate identity, for those who work from home but ocasionally need to hold meetings and for those who required and office environment, but do not have the budget or can not justify the expense of a physical office.


  • Prestigious local addresses that you can utilize on business cards and stationary
  • Your own dedicated local business number w/calls answered in your name
  • Call routing
  • Personal Mailbox
  • Forwarding of mail and packages
  • Access to conference/training rooms with state-of-the-art technology
  • Daytime shared offices
  • Greeting services when using the conference rooms
  • Access to the kitchen area